Quality Control Measures

At United Reprographics, our most valuable assets are our people. We employ and retain the most experienced printing professionals for all of our key positions. Machines cannot perform the type of quality control that is necessary to ensure the level of service that we are committed to delivering. Our disciplined QC procedures extend throughout every department with built-in redundancy.

When a job is placed into production, the incoming QC department reviews the job for anomalies, checks the instructions to make sure all information is included, and they ensure that the files or documents match the work order.

Once in production, the operator reads the work order twice for accuracy. The files or documents are reviewed again to make sure they match the instructions. If a table of contents is provided, the files are matched against it to ensure the document is complete and that the pages display as expected.

A test run is performed to check the printing quality; spot checks are performed frequently during the run. The last print is then checked with the same attention to detail given to the initial test print.

A member of the outgoing QC department then reviews the job to check again that the quality level meets company standards. The instructions are reviewed again to ensure the job was output as ordered and then the documents are packaged for delivery.

The dispatch department then checks that the right number of packages are assembled and that the documents are prepared according to the client’s requests. The delivery instructions are reviewed and the job is then loaded for the driver, who performs the final check. The driver reviews the delivery and packaging instructions one last time to make sure that the job is being delivered as requested.

Every member of every department understands the importance of consistently reviewing each printing job for accuracy.

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Quality Control Measures

  • We are checking your printing jobs every step of the way
  • Incoming QC reviews the instructions and materials.
  • The production operator reads the work order twice for accuracy.
  • The materials are checked against the table of contents or index if provided.
  • A test run is performed to check print quality, followed by periodic checks throughout the print run.
  • When the job is complete, outgoing QC reviews the job for accuracy and quality.
  • The dispatch department checks the delivery instructions and ensures the proper packages are being sent to the correct location(s).
  • Lastly, the driver double-checks the delivery and packaging instructions prior to delivering the job.

About United Reprographics Brian Sims, CEO Michael Barrett, President Quality Control Measures