Custom Wallpaper & Murals

No muss, no fuss. Self-adhesive custom wallpaper is easy to install and if you don’t like where you put it on the first try, you can peel it off and reposition it!

Wall damage is a thing of the past with this custom wall covering. Renters have reason to rejoice: you can make your space your own and have fun with it knowing it will remove cleanly.

Cover your whole wall, design custom panels, cover doors, or trim to fit nooks and crannies for an unexpected quirky surprise. Dress up the interior of an elevator, climb Mt. Rainier in your stairwell, get zen with the beach in your living room. Let your imagination run wild - get creative!

We have two peel-and-stick options available for you to try - a smooth matte version that’s great if you have non-textured walls and clean lines, OR a fabric version that’s more forgiving and won’t show every small imperfection on the wall (recommended). Both options can be cleaned easily, with material that’s built to withstand moderate temperatures and moisture levels.

Custom wallpaper is not only perfect for home and office use, but it’s a fantastic way to celebrate seasonal retail campaigns and special events. Wall graphics provide a budget-friendly way to make a big visual impact, however long you leave them hanging up.


Designing your Wallpaper or Mural

Looking to create your very own wallpaper pattern? You send us your design or photo, we recommend roll width and size based on the measurements you provide. We recommend using a scalable vector or high-resolution artwork design with an eye on matching up the seams when installed side by side. Pay special attention to where your images/patterns start and end to make putting your masterpiece in place an easy process.

Prefer big bold full color photographs that cover your entire wall? Make sure you’re providing high-resolution images (300 dpi or higher only, your image won’t scale up in size without high-quality files). For best results, contact us with the desired final size and a sample of your artwork to find out if the image will reproduce well. Copyright rules also apply, so make sure you own the images or are prepared to accept the terms of our waiver to print them for personal or commercial use.

Do you need graphic design services? We do that. Contact us for design rates (hourly) or to set up a free initial consultation to talk details and firm up the scope of your project to complete your vision.

Call us at 206-382-1177 or use the form on this page to receive a FREE cost estimate for your custom wall graphics.

View photos of our work here.

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