Accepted File Formats

We prefer all files to be submitted as PDF files to minimize any font, image, text, or formatting complications.

Print-ready files are also accepted in the following formats:

.ai       Adobe Illustrator CS3 or higher. Convert all fonts to outlines and embed any linked graphics.
.eps       Encapsulated postscript image file, preferably created using Adobe Illustrator or another vector graphics program. 
.tif       This graphic file format will retain the highest possible image quality. 
.jpg       Standard format for photographic images. Be sure to set your camera to the highest resolution if using your own photos. You cannot add dpi after a picture is taken. Also note that most jpeg images downloaded from the Internet are NOT sufficient quality for printing.
.psd       Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher. Flatten your layers before submitting your files.
.indd       Adobe InDesign CS3 or higher. Package your files to include your fonts and links and compress the packaged folder (.zip) to submit. We recommend converting your fonts to outlines if ou are not using True Type Fonts (.TTF). You will be unable to view an automatic online proof with this file format.
.pdf       Portable Document Format. PDF's are our preferred file format as the document will generally retain its layout, fonts, images, and text in the same format that you see on your screen, minimizing the possibility for errors when we receive the file on our end.
.pub       Microsoft Publisher file.