Bid Distribution & Document Management

United Reprographics has successfully managed thousands of bid projects and holds the stellar position of having ZERO bids protested due to the company's performance.

Whether it's a single-unit residential remodel or a complex downtown development, United Reprographics offers the easiest, most reliable ways to coordinate bid and plan distribution among all the key constituents: architects, engineers, owners, developers, construction managers and subcontractors.

With either our paper or digital bid distribution system, from the moment the project design is finalized, we manage the entire process. You get on with the job. We handle all the details of distribution.

Paper Bid Distribution

Deposit or purchase based distribution of sets to plan centers, consultants, clients, and municipalities.

Manage bidder deposit or purchase transaction

Maintain planholders list
Final document reconciliation
Digital Bid Distribution

Save Time
Reduce Costs
Better for the Environment

Eliminate bid process protests with audit features

All bid documents are downloadable
Automatic online planholders list


Bid Distribution Consultation Request

Tell us about your upcoming bid project and we will contact you to schedule a free consultation to learn more about your project and discuss the bid distribution options that we have available.